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Ayurvedic herbal supplements for managing infertility, sexual wellness, arthritis and common health problems


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Rishi Pharma was founded in 2004 in Samalkot, Andhra Pradesh by entrepreneur Padmavathi Darbha and the well-known sexuality counselor Dr. Poosha Darbha. Driven by the commitment to better healthcare through the time-tested Ayurveda, the duo sought to provide a range of high quality products for an array of health concerns - from sexual wellness and infertility to general well-being, beauty and personal care.

Rishi Pharma has its roots in ‘Abhisarika’, a publishing house that was established in 1949 to serve the community by imparting education in sexuality and guidance on concerns of infertility through its magazine ‘Abhisarika’. Over the course of decades, it has won the credit of helping thousands of couples mitigate their distress and conceive through counseling and medical intervention.
The inevitable experience that counseling alone does not alleviate some of the problems in sexuality and infertility led to the birth of Rishi Pharma to serve those in need of medical intervention. Today Rishi Pharma’s high quality healthcare products enjoy the trust and confidence of medical practitioners and countless end-users all over India.





Problem conceiving?

Married but never had intercourse?

What position and frequency of intercourse is optimal for conception?

Does women on top position diminish pregnancy chances?

I am on pills to regularize my periods. Pills delay pregnancy. But I want to conceive. How can I ensure both?

Consult care@rishiayurved.in for  many such questions.

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